Rent to Own Homes

If you want to own your own home in and around Edmonton Alberta Canada, but have had trouble getting through the red tape, then we can help. Our rent to own system will allow you to succeed when the banks or others have said no.

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Why rent to own?

Thanks for Paying My Mortgage

Your Landlord

You can always be a renter. In fact you can be a renter for years and years. At the end of years of renting you will still be a renter. All of your money goes to a landlord – none of it comes back to you. The Landlord gets the rent and you get a “thank you”. The Landlord can tell you to move and you must.

Want to put in a better kitchen sink? Well, you’d better ask permission. Even if approved, you are increasing the value of someone else’s property. Nice of you to do it, and nice of you to keep on paying down the landlord’s mortgage and build your landlord’s wealth.

Instead you can BE an owner. As an owner,  you call the shots, you control your environment and you are lord over how you live. If you want to put up new curtains, well then you just do it. Improve the property? Develop the basement? Build a fence or a deck? Your property goes up in value. Also as an owner you have pride in your home. An owned home looks and feels different then a rental space. It is yours and is fully under your control. Nobody can say to you, “It is now up for sale and you have to leave.” Nobody can increase your rent. You are in charge.

An individual who owns his own home is stronger, more able, and has a larger influence in life. He has a base from which to expand from and a place to return to after the activities of the day. He has a place to call “Home”.

A homeowner is more likely to have family and friends. Don’t take our word for it. Look around. Think of a few people who are renters. Now think of a few people who are homeowners. Which group is happier, healthier and has more influence? The renters or the owners?

Retirement. In 1962 you could buy a home in Edmonton for $ 12,530. Since that time prices have doubled 4.5 times. You could say prices are doubling every 10.3 years on average. Rent prices follow the home prices. How long do you have until you retire? 10 years? Consider buying a home today so in 10 years value of your own home doubles and your mortgage payments become half of what the others pay for rent! Real Estate is commonly viewed in North America as a wealth building tool. Start building your own wealth by purchasing your own home.

Happy Homeowner

Your Own Home

OK, so you want to be a homeowner.

Very good. You ask “How do I do it?”

Maybe the banks don’t like the fact that you just went through a divorce, missed a few payments or do not fit their rules. Maybe you had a bankruptcy or are new to the country. You co-signed on an auto loan to your uncle who drove one way to South America and never paid. Your cell phone bill got bigger then the national debt the same week a layoff occurred. Or you are self employed, or once threatened to punch out a bank manager. Or maybe you just don’t have the big down payment just yet.

There are lots of things that can happen in life. That’s life.

But all of these things – and many more – can cause a bank to say NO.

The solution is rent to own homes.

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What do you mean by “rent to own”?

Rent to own is a word for a process that allows you to build up over time while paying what you already pay – rent.

It is simply a lease with the right to buy your home at the end of the lease. There is an initial deposit of 5% of the property price.  Then you rent for about three years and part of your payments goes towards building a full down payment that the bank needs.

At the end of that time, all your down payment is built up and you’re ready. You do not need any more in order to get your mortgage. Then the property becomes yours.

That is all. Your current credit situation, newness to the country and marital status are not factors in rent to own home buying.

Read through the future homeowners Q&A page for more detailed information or if you have any questions. You can always contact us for more information.