“There is a better future out there…”

Hello there,

If you’re reading this testimonial then the chances are you have already read through most of Lona’s promotional literature; and are in the stages of contemplating a RENT-TO -OWN scenario through ALON properties.

A wise move, or in the scenario we went through; a wise move and then a simple stay as you are as the paperwork goes through with relative ease two years later!

Really it felt that simple and hassle free. Taking up a RTO with Lona felt like a home buy from the start. No monthly “White Glove” inspections just the security of an initial move-in assessment and a sensible two-way dialogue on how the property was matching expectations.

Lona even went out of her way to assist in securing the right property; viewing potential homes with us to ensure that the right house could be purchased without protracted owner/ buyer negotiations, muddied by too many realtors and legal “experts”. It was more a case of, “We like this one Lona.” To which Lona determined” Okay I ‘ll close the deal”.

We were new to Canada in 2008 and spent two years in straight rented accommodation. So financially to find a mortgage could have been tricky. With Lona’s concise accountancy of the Rental fee and the Option fund, we had next to no issues going to through a broker to find the ideal mortgage for our situation.

And the best thing is… when the mortgage and lawyers had done all their work. There was no waiting in U-hauls outside houses whilst keys and money were transferred!

Patrick Walsh

October 2012

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